Cellfood Essentials

Cellfood is a high quality health brand that has become really popular in the last few years. Great for helping and improving fitness and weight loss.

What Is Cellfood?

Cellfood Australia is an Australia health and nutritional company that imports cellfood products by NuScience. Their website is https://www.cellfood.com.au/.  The range of products include a range, based on the a unique oxygen and mineral formula that is made from organic plant ingredients.

These include gluten free and sugar free organic ingredients that are non addictive, non toxic and non invasive. They also ensure there is no animal testing done on their products.

What Products Do They Sell?

Products they make include the Cellfood Original Concentrate, Cellfood Oxyen Gel, and the Essential Silica Formula.

The Original Concentrate contains 129 vital nutrients, and is powder by hydrogen and electrolytes, and is a valuable food based nutritional formula. Oxygen Gel is a skin care product, and provide foundational support for the body. 

Cellfood Australia FAQs

You can find a list of questions regarding all their products on their FAW pagehere. It answers questions such as how long can you take the products for, can a breastfeeding mother take the products, and how to take and how much you should take for best results.