Autoship FAQ

What is Auto Ship?

For best results, Curavita Green Boost should be consumed consistently. But selecting auto ship at checkout, you order once, select yout time period, and we will post your order at that time. You only need to select auto ship once, and we will ship to your specifications automatically.

  • ie if you want to purchase once per month, you select 1 pouch, every 1 month

How Does It Work?

If you select autoship, we will charge your credit card at each interval (ie each month if you select 1 pouch per month). 

How Do I Manage My Subscription?

When you subscribe, you will receive a login to your personal subscription page, where you can update, amend, or cancel at any time.

Is It Cheaper To Auto Ship?

Yes, if you select auto ship, you will get a discount of 15% each and every month.