Near Infrared 850nm Red Light Therapy 24W Bulb

This handheld, energy-efficient LED device is the ultimate product that you need for red light therapy. It fits to hand and super easy to use.


While it’s recommended to use it at about a distance of 30cm, the exact spectrum of red light (660nm) and infrared light (850nm) ensures the product is still effective to a range of up to 60cm

Features of The Red Light Bulb

  • Deep Red 660 light can is effectively absorbed through the skin and helps repair skin problems
  • Near-Infrared 850nm penetrates much deeper into the skin, thus effectively helps to relieve pain, provide essential energy for cell renewal, and remove cell waste materials.
  • Has 2W Red and Infrared 42mil highly efficient & original epileds
  • The 30° Degree beam angle helps to improve the irradiance to cover a larger area of about 20cm
  • Easy To Set Up And Use. Designed to fit 100~240V AC global standard sockets.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee- Comes With A 24 Months and a 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.


  1. To apply the light, set the distance from 0 – 30 cm to your body.
  2. Each session on one exposed area should only last for about 10 – 25 minutes, depending on the distance.
  3. For optimum results, repeat the process 2 times to 14 times a week
  4. Repeat the process to treat other areas if desired.

Note: Do not use the eyes.


1pcs 24W Led Lamp

6pcs * Deep Red 660nm

6pcs * Near Infrared 850nm