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Ketosys Ketogenic Meal Replacement is the perfect addition to make your KETO dieting a breeze. Ketogenic Meal Replacement Formula Perfectly Balanced Macronutrient Profile for Keto Dieters Loaded with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) for Fast Energy Good Source of Functional Phospholipids 20g of Protein per Serving for Lean Muscle Gains Good Source of Fiber, Low net Carbs Gluten Free, No Artificial Dyes or Colors & Banned Substance Free The most important thing to remember while on a low carb diet is making sure that you are still getting sufficient calories to both recover, and provide energy. As mentioned above, the majority of these calories will be made up of Fats and Protein (but mostly Fats). This is where supplementing can help. Finding an affective and healthy Fat source supplement will allow for an easier way to hit total Fat intake targets for the day. For this we highly recommend Ultimate Nutrition MCT Gold (MCT Oil). MCT OilMCT oil occurs naturally in coconut oil and other foods. Supplementation with MCT oil began as a fat source to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity, and fat malabsorption. It has also been used to add calories to infant, and certain other formulas. Recently, athletes, bodybuilders, and diet gurus have jumped on the MCT bandwagon, embracing its fat burning and energy sustaining powers. MCT's provide quick energy for the body and are thus less likely to be stored in the fat cells. Direction for use: Mix 1 scoop with 350mls of water and consume. | ANS Performance Ketogenic Meal Replacement Protein Powder Chocolate