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New and improved InfraRed NRG with new breakdown. This stimulant free pre-workout, intra-workout fuel or post-workout reload is now better than ever. Stim Free Increased Endurance Enhanced Pumps No Crash WHAT DOES INFRARED NRG DO? InfraRed NRG provides powerful herbs and amino acids that will give any athlete a unique advantage Beta alanine to load acidity buffers for enhanced endurance Citrulline, L-aspartate and Beta vulgaris for potent Nitric oxide vasodilation DMG for oxygenation and endurance Schisandra chinensis an adaptogenic herb that has shown remarkable properties for decreasing respiratory acidosis (burning in the lungs which can hamper staying power. Electrolytes for efficient nerve and muscle function Clinically proven and university tested ingredients all in optimal doses, combined with thousands of hours of research and testing on real athletes, makes InfraRed NRG a stand-alone product in athletic performance. Directions for use: Mix 3x heaped scoops (approximately 36 grams) into 500ml water. Consume before, during or after exercise. | ATP Science InfraRed NRG V2 Wildberry