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Elite Supps presents you with ATP's Noway Protein. A top of the market BodyBalance protein with Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides. Enhances Fat Loss Aids Recovery Helps Improve Strength and Performance Increases Collagen Production for More Power and Less Pain This protein is a specific combination of bioactive dietary peptide from hydrolysed bovine collagen. It is made using a unique process by recreating a digestive process with specific acids and enzymes capable of making a specific functioning blend. Every batch is tested to confirm the presence and activity of the specific peptides to ensure efficacy and consistency. HOW DOES NOWAY PROTEIN WORK? Clinical trials have shown a significant increase in fat loss using Noway Protein. Noway protein is designed to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. Noway protein works as a regular protein as well as working as an "information giving" protein. Meaning the peptides included in the Noway Protein formula will send signals to each muscle tissue while you are using them. FACTS ABOUT NOWAY PROTEIN THAT MAKES IT UNIQUE Collagen: the most abundant protein in humans. Excellent bioavailability and bio-efficacy Acid: base balance - alkalising protein NOT alkaline protein Unique amino acid profile AMP-K activation Enhanced strength and performance Enhanced collagen production for more power and less pain THE SCIENCE BEHIND NOWAY PROTEIN Making 16 grams of part of your daily protein allocation amplifies these results significantly Studies show compared to whey protein, BodyBalance provides: 3 x more muscle growth than whey 2.5 x more fat loss than whey 3.75 x more power than whey WHAT TO MATCH WITH NOWAY PROTEIN Creatine HCL is a good match for Noway Protein. Creatine allows you to gain muscle and strength in order to achieve all the training goals you have been striving for. Directions for use: Mix 1 heaped scoop of Noway Protein in 250ml of cold water in a shaker or blender. | ATP Science Noway Protein Banana 1kg