Blender Bottle

Protein Shake Blender Bottle - Pro45

  • Rounded base bottle.
  • Adjustable carry loop.
  • Extra-wide mouth for easy cleaning and adding ingredients
  • Embossed water measure markers (ounce and millilitre).
  • Comes with a 12-gauge BlenderBall Wire Whisk.

Blender Bottle Features

The Pro45 Blender Bottle boasts of a sturdy 12-Gauge BlenderBall whisk, easy to clean rounded base and a massive 45-ounce capacity making it one of the largest built to go shaker.

You can have multiple scoops of your favourite protein shake or smoothies with the Pro45! Even better, you could shake up your pancake batter in it! The rounded base makes it easy to mix every last bit of powder while the adjustable carry loop is surprisingly handy!