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Omega Cold Pressed Celery Juicer - MM900HDS

You will love this slow, silent juicer! It's easy to install and use, and it's quieter than most - you don't have to worry about waking the whole neighbourhood!

Omega MM900HDS Cold Press juicer is slow but firm. It squeezes your Celery and maximizes nutrient retention.

A Juicer that Won't Wake Up the House.

Benefits Of Omega Cold Pressed Celery Juicer - MM900HDS.

  1. Optimized for Celery Juicing.
  2. Get Higher Yields from your Celery with the new Celery Attachment.
  3. Created in conjunction with the Medical Medium.
  4. Quick and easy to clean.
  5. 90% juice yield growth.
  6. Less Foaming & Minimal Oxidation- the low speed prevents oxidation.
  7. Endorsed by the medical medium.

Ignite your health with this natural celery juicer.