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Biotech USA Beta Alanine Powder 300g At Elite Supps

Biotech's Beta Alanine is pure amino acid content in fast absorbing powder form. Reduces Fatigue Lactic Acid Buffer Improves Recovery Sugar and Fat Free Boosting carnosine levels through dietary supplements is becoming more and more common among conscious athletes and bodybuilders. Beta-alanine and L-histidine amino acids work together to increase carnosine concentrations in your muscles. Carnosine can be found in skeletal muscles, primarily in type II fast twitch muscle fibres. Like all BioTechUSA products, Beta-alanine powder consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients. Directions for use: Mix 2g powder with 400 ml water or soft drink. Take two servings daily. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance. | Biotech USA Beta Alanine Powder 300g