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Muscle Protein Casein Custard

Muscle Protein Casein Custard is an ultra-premium protein powder that comes in either Rocky Road or Golden Ice Cream flavor. Each servings packs  27 grams of protein. It’s the perfect, perfect guilt-free snack that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

You can have it at any time - first thing in the morning or as a dessert late at night, or just a midday snack. It never disappoints.  

Features Of Muscle Protein Casein Custard.

No added fillers, gums or creamers,

27g of high-quality slow release protein

Added MCT oil to promote weight loss and energy

Glutamine for Immune support



This casein custard not only tastes fantastic, but it is also an easily digestible custard to ease your sweet tooth in the best way possible.