ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate 60 Softgels - Herbs Etc

  • Organic Herbal Medicine
  • Fast-acting Softgel
  • Supports Production Of Red Blood Cells
  • Increases Oxygenation 
  • Maintains Healthy Hematocrit Levels That Support Pregnancy In Women
  • It Boosts Energy Levels.
  • Supports Digestive And Intestinal Health To Ensures A Healthy Liver.

Benefits Of Chlorophyll Supplements

Herbal ChlorOxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate is the #1 Oxygenation dietary supplement that effectively increases the amount of oxygen available to cells. It supports the production of new red blood cells and increases hemoglobin carrying capacity.

If you are a frequent traveler to, or living in high altitude locations, ChlorOxygen Herbal Medicine helps to keep your blood-oxygen stable.