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Meal Replacement Shake - Crankt Protein

Goals are made easy with the CRANKT PROTEIN SHAKE.
It's the classic boost you need to keep you going—CRANKT PROTEIN SHAKE tames hunger 25 times more and delivers 20g of protein in one satisfying meal replacement.  
It tastes awesome, is high in protein but low in carbs & fats.

Features Of Meal Replacement Shake - Crankt Protein

  • No chalky after-taste
  • Perfect post-workout recovery drink
  • Low carb & fat content
  • Lactose and gluten-free;
  • Shelf-stable
  • 20g protein
  • Guarana & Ginseng for energy
  • Contains all essential amino acids, calcium, and vitamin D3

Crankt's Protein Shakes gives your body the nutrients, strength, and energy it needs to power through the day.

The ideal drink for people looking to get little energy bursts throughout the day.