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Emrald Labs Waxy Maize 810g At Elite Supps

Emrald Labs Waxy Maize Starch is the ideal carbohydrate for use whenever a quick and easily accessible source of energy is required and allows your body to replace used glycogen stores rapidly. Fuels Powerful and Intense Workouts Fast Acting No Sugar Mixes Easily Waxy Maize Starch is a high-quality complex carbohydrate which provides a great source of fast release energy. Due to its high molecular weight, it can travel quickly in the lower intestine which results in much faster glycogen uptake compared with many short-chained carbohydrates. Waxy Maize may also be an effective transporter of amino acids and other nutrients, making it doubly valuable to athletes. It is most often used before, during, and after training to increase energy and extend endurance. Waxy Maize may also be a useful addition to meals as part of a lean muscle gain diet. Directions for use: Mix 1 serve either pre, during or post workout with 300mls water | Emrald Labs Waxy Maize 810g