Raspberry Flavoured Energy Gel - Endura Sports

  • Combined Fast-slow Release Nutrients For Instant And Sustained Energy Source.
  • 26g Of Carbohydrates Per Serve.
  • Energy Boosting Caffeine.
  • Two Types Of Specialized Carbohydrate For Max Carb Absorption.
  • Maintain Vital Energy Reserves.
  • Portable & Convenient Sachets.
  • Available In Raspberry Flavor.

Benefits Of Sports Energy Gels

The Rasberry flavored Endura Sports Energy Gel is a convenient energy source which incorporates various blends of energy boosters like caffeine, and carbohydrates to help you sustain high energy levels for longer. The perfect solution to keep your glycogen levels up during training sessions or events.


The energy gel can be taken as is, but it’s best recommended to use it with water to avoid any possible stomach upset and indigestion. Use about 250-300 mL of water for each Gel. You can drink the water for over 10–20 minutes to achieve the recommended 250-300mL total.