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Collagen Peptides with Added L-Tryptophan By Giant Sports

Collagen Peptide Features

  • IDEAL FOR LOW CARB/KETO DIET – When you want ketosis, this product may help induce and maintain the process faster and longer
  • PALEO AND VEGAN FRIENDLY – Only using pure 100%, non-GMO ingredients
  • FAST ABSORPTION – By using Hydrolysed Collagen Powder this provides a dynamic and rapid absorption
  • SUPPORTS BONE & JOINT HEALTH - Collagen peptides are proven to assist with decreasing joint pain, increasing flexibility and repairing tissue
  • GOOD FOR YOUR BODY – Improving your skin, hair, nails, bones and joints with carefully sourced Collagen

Giant Sports Collagen Peptide Benefits

We all want the healthiest supplements to augment our diets and deliver real results from our training.

By choosing Giant Sports Collagen Complete, you’re not only getting a gluten- free, non-GMO product that is both Keto and Paleo friendly but also the technical benefits of hydrolysed Type 1 and Type 3 collagen peptides which have been sourced solely from bovine sources which are only pasture raised and grass-fed.

This also is the first ultra-premium bovine hydrolysed proteinproduct that does not have a biological value (BV) of zero (0). Most hydrolysed collagen products do not deliver L-Tryptophan, a key amino acid and this has to be obtained for other sources, such as food.

Clinical human studies have shown that ingesting some hydrolyzed collagens, like that found in Collagen Complete, decreases joint pain, with those people having the most severe symptoms showing the most benefit. Collagen peptides may also lead to healthier skin and hair by stimulating the body’s collagen production ability.

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