Meal Replacement Shake - Ketologic Low Carb Shake - 880 gms

If you love following your KETO diet plan, this meal shake is perfect for you! This smooth KETO shake can easily be incorporated to your daily ketogenic meal plans. Besides being tasty, it delivers the ideal macronutrient ratio to help achieve your lifestyle goals.

The Ketologic KETO Meal Shake for Low Carb Weight Loss has been extensively developed, tested and improved to ensure you are satisfied and full for hours.

Features Of The Ketologic KETO Meal Shake for Low Carb Weight Loss

  • Supports Ketosis - it enhances ketone production to help you generate more energy for a supercharged metabolism. 
  • Natural and super delicious - the meal shake is available in incredible sweet flavours that have no artificial sweeteners/flavours.
  • Convenient and easy to make - You only need water, the meal shake and a shaker bottle to make a keto snack at any time.
  • It's theperfect addition to yourweight-lossmeal replacementprogramas it keeps you fuller for longer, thus less eating.
  • Easilyblendswith water, coffee and almond milk, and produces a smooth meal with no grittiness or chalkiness.