Max's 100% Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla Cream Slice, 1kg

Brand: MAX'S

Color: Vanilla Cream Slice


  • Added branched chain amino acids to stimulate maximum protein synthesis
  • Added glutamine for fast recovery and reduced muscle soreness
  • Low fat, low carb and cholesterol free for building a lean healthy physique
  • Mixes instantly and tastes amazing
  • Specially designed for serious trainers

Publisher: Amino Active

Release Date: 20-11-2018

Details: Max's 100 percent Whey Protein is our Premium Whey Protein Blend designed for serious trainers. It's high in Whey Protein Isolate, nature's most bio-available protein, plus immune enhancing Whey Protein Concentrate and rapid-acting Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides. Max's 100 percent Whey Protein is the king of lean muscle building proteins. Certain amino acids have targeted physiological effects on your metabolism when available at the right levels. We've enhanced Max's 100 percent Pure Whey by adding these key amino acids for maximum muscle recovery and growth. Branched-chain amino acids - L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. These 3 special amino acids are taken up rapidly by skeletal muscle after intense training to help initiate muscle recovery. L-Leucine, in particular, has emerged as the key regulator of protein synthesis by activating the mTOR pathway in muscle and must be present in optimal amounts to stimulate muscle growth. L-Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in human muscle and plasma and is needed at high levels by rapidly dividing cells during protein synthesis. Heavy training dramatically lowers blood plasma levels of Glutamine which causes muscle catabolism that will inhibit recovery. Post-exercise Glutamine supplementation stop muscle catabolism and dramatically shortens recovery times, reduces muscle soreness and stimulates higher rates of protein synthesis for muscle growth. Max's 100 percent Pure Whey provides scientifically based levels of these key amino acids in each serve to initiate maximum anabolic response from your training. Comes in 1 kg jar. Available in vanilla cream slice flavor.

EAN: 9317293519913

Package Dimensions: 10.4 x 5.9 x 5.8 inches