Gelpro Australia

Phat Performance MCT Oil - 500 ml

This MCT oil is an ideal source of quality fats that can be used to boost energy; for both your body and brain. MCT ingredients are ethically sourced, sustainably grown, Non-GMO Verified coconuts, and bottled here in Australia. We do not use palm oil whatsoever.

Benefits Phat Performance MCT Oil

  • 100% made of non-GMO coconuts sustainably sourced.
  • It contains C8 and C10 Caprylic acid.
  • Has no preservatives or added color.
  • Keeps you energized for the better part of the day.
  • has a neutral flavor and can be added to your coffee and smoothies for that extra boost.
  • Super fresh. our product does not sit in warehouses for months. We buy direct from suppliers
  • Perfect for Keto Diets.
  • Full Spectrum MCT Oil - immune system boosting properties.
  • No Palm Oil = Orangutan Safe.

Fire Up Your Day With 100% Pure Coconut MCTs