Medicines from Nature

Medicines from Nature Ultimate 100 ppm Colloidal Silver Practitioner Strength 500 ml, 500 milliliters

Brand: Medicines from Nature


  • Ultra-fine particle size bacteriostatic water treatment
  • With a particle count of 50 parts per million
  • Particle size ranging from 0.0001 microns for effective action

Publisher: Oborne Health Supplies

Release Date: 30-10-2019

Details: Medicines From Nature Ultimate Colloidal Silver Practitioner Strength 100 ppm is a high strength, ultra-fine particle size bacteriostatic water treatment with a particle count of 100 parts per million and particle size ranging from 0.0001 microns to guarantee effective action. Our water is the purest on the planet after being progressively purified through ten high tech steps as far down as 0.1 microns, excluding even the tiniest microscopic contaminants. It is affected by magnetic fields, so for the optimum quality, it must be processed by hand avoiding machinery, electric motors and metal implements. Comes in a bottle of 500 ml.

EAN: 9322766000522

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.5 x 2.9 inches