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Muscle Nation Casein Custard Protein Powder Chocolate Hazelnut 1kg At Elite Supps

WHAT IS MUSCLE NATION’S CASEIN CUSTARD? Boasting 27 grams of protein, Muscle Nation’s casein custard is the perfect guilt free snack that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Whether you have it first thing in the morning for breakfast or as a dessert late at night, Muscle Nation’s casein custard will surely not disappoint. WHAT MAKES MUSCLE NATION CASEIN CUSTARD SO GOOD? This casein custard not only tastes amazing, it is an easily digestible custard to ease your sweet tooth in the best way possible. With no added fillers, gums or creamers, this product will be something your body is thanking you for taking. 27g of Protein - Slow sustained digestion Added MCT oil Glutamine for Immune support Non GMO HOW DO I TAKE MUSCLE NATION CASEIN PROTEIN? The great thing about Muscle Nation’s Casein Custard is you can choose to have it how you like it, whenever you like it. Whether you wanted a quick simple treat and have it on its own or if you are feeling a bit more indulgent and wanted to mix things with the custard…the options are endless! With its slow releasing and slow digestive function (6-8 hours), Casein Protein is the perfect breakfast, snack of late night protein option, ensuring you stay and feel fuller for longer. WHAT DO WE RECOMMEND WITH CASEIN CUSTARD? ZMA is the perfect match for Casein Custard! Casein Custard is designed to make you feel fuller with that late night craving, and ZMA provides you with that peaceful sleep that you have been searching for! You can buy them in a bundle here. *Please note that not all flavours are gluten free - contact us for more information :)* | Muscle Nation Casein Custard Protein Powder Chocolate Hazelnut 1kg