The Salt Box

Natural Himalayan Salt Block for BBQ Cooking Grilling Serving Entertaining

Brand: The Salt Box


  • 100% natural, food grade, Pink Himalayan Salt Block
  • Use the Salt Block to COOK, PRESENT, CHILL or CURE food
  • Cooking on a salt block creates a lightly salty and toasty, crisp finish to MEAT, SEAFOOD and VEGETABLES. Can be used on a BBQ or STOVETOP
  • Easy care, clean up and maintenance. Medium size 20cmx30cmx3cm block
  • Great GIFT IDEA, or as a special feature at your next dinner party

Details: This beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt Block will give you a new, creative way of cooking and entertaining. You can use the Salt Block to cook, present, chill and even cure food. The creative options for salt block cooking are endless.

When you cook on a Himalayan block the heat and salt work together in a magical way to produce salty-toasty-caramelised flavours and delicately crisped surfaces. Try it on the BBQ with fish, seafood or vegetables.

Chilling the block and putting meats or fish on it has the impact of lightly curing the food. This is a great way to present sushi, meets and cheeses.

The salt block may be beautiful, but it is not high maintenance. Aside from being heated slowly (30 mins), all it requires is being cleaned afterwards (simply with a damp sponge or scouring pad) and stored properly (in plastic wrap). That’s it.

So unleash your inner chef, embrace the salt block and enjoy the rewards of delicious food every time!

EAN: 9350771000374

Package Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.5 x 1.7 inches