Vegan Flakes - 400 gms By Nutra Organics

Sprinkle over your favourite dish or add to your soup or broth to enjoy a hearty meal

  • Nutritious and packed with vitamins
  • Excellent source of natural Zinc
  • One of the only vegan sources of vitamin B12
  • Contains natural proteins and fibre.

Benefits Of Nutra Organic Vegan Flakes

The Wholefood Pantry Vegan Nutritional Savoury Flakes is a nutritional yeast that is high in B vitamins and other trace minerals, a great source of Zinc, and one of the significant vegan sources of Vitamin B12.

Nutra Organics Savoury Nutritional Flakes are grown on GMO-free molasses which produce the single-celled organism fungi called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. They are harvested, washed, dried on high heat to deactivate them and to form flakes.

They contain no alcohol and won't cause or exacerbate candida or leaven baked goods. 

No chemical refining or bleaching

Nothing artificial added, just pure whole food goodness.