Fusion Plant Protein Powder By SAN Nutrition - Natural Chocolate 1.837 kg

SAN Nutrition Plant Based Protein Features:

  • Powerful Protein Matrix Derived Only From Plant Sources
  • Bursting with Naturally Occurring BCAAs and Glutamic Acid To Support Muscle Growth & Strength
  • Gentle On The Digestive System By Being Lactose Free
  • Dairy, Soy & Animal Free
  • Assisting Muscle Tissue Maintenance

Pea Protein, Sprouted Brown Rice  & Artichoke Protein

If you’re looking for the raw plant fusion matrix that is setting the industry alight, look no further than Rawfusion for performance and taste.

Developed by over 12 months of intense research in the field of protein cold-extrusion technologies, the deliciously tasting, creamy, positively charged protein matrix delivers the essential, powerful mix to assist in muscle tissue maintenance.

Free of GMO or animal based products, the bio-fermented plant protein fusion is packed with Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Sprouted & Artichoke Protein

Concentrate provided in a delicious Vanilla Bean matrix. Rich in Glutamine by mimicking the amino acid profile of whey/milk, Rawfusion contains over 4,001 mg of BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) per serving.

Free of solvents, radiation, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or anything created synthetically, our patent pending formulation has each ingredient extracted from raw ingredients that are GMO, herbicides and pesticides free..

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