Martin & Pleasance

Martin & Pleasance Vital Pea Protein Powder - Chocolate, 1 kilograms

Martin and Pleasance Vital Pea Protein Features:

  • When you want a plant-based,  dairy free and lactose free protein powder
  • Protecting your bones and muscles by assisting with the retention of calcium and magnesium
  • By delivering a pH of 7.8, it will help balance your body's blood pH
  • Swift post-workout recovery by preventing the build up of lactic acid
  • Keeping cravings at bay by working to control blood sugar levels

Plant Pea Protein Benefits

Delivering the highest concentration of vegetable plant protein available, Vital Protein contains over 18 amino acids. This means you’re getting the profile of whey proteins which is unique for a vegetable protein.

By using only the highest quality European golden peas , this complete protein digests easily without causing bloating. Available in chocolate flavour of 1 kg jar.

EAN: 9321582008101