Bare Blends

Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein Powder By Bare Blends

  • Over 20g of organic vegan protein each serving.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan Friendly | ACO Certified  and Sugar-Free
  • Best tasting vegan protein powder in Australia's
  • Flavoured with organic vanilla beans and creamy coconut milk
  • Perfect protein for weight loss, vitality, muscle gain, wellness and immunity
  • Assists in lean muscle development

Benefits of Plant Based Protein Powder

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Details: Why is Bare Blends Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein the best on the market?

Contains an optimal blend of organic pea and sprouted brown rice proteins that help support a healthy lifestyle.

Flavoured using whole organic foods, this blend of vanilla, and creamy coconut has a fantastic taste, is full of nutrients and will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Benefits Of Bare Blends Protein Powder

Improved recovery time

Protein intake is vital after every exercise as it assists in the repair of damaged muscle fibres. It replenishes the depleted amino acids that are much needed for recovery and optimal performance.

Weight management

This Bare Blends Protein boosts metabolism while still helping you maintain weight as it contains no fats. Blend a serving of our with high-quality nut milk and some frozen fruit for a healthy breakfast or lunch.

Boosts Immunity & Wellness

Protein is an essential nutrient for a healthy working immune system. It is a significant energy source thats responsible for building tissues, boosting immunity, and making your hair and nails healthier and shiny.


Add about 3 tablespoons/30g o Bare Blends's vegan protein powder to 250ml of your choice of smoothie in a bare flask and shake, or blend to mix.