Mutant Rehab - Complete Post Workout and Joint Support (Freaky Fruit Punch)

A few minutes after workout are probably the most critical for all fitness fanatics. Yet, many fail to address the importance of getting essential body nutrients after a demanding workout session.

By not consuming the right nutrients, you can remain at one “mutant” size as destroyed muscles and joints are slow to regenerate after heavy lifting.

Lab professors at MUTANT headquarters solved this problem by innovating a formula that could address more than just muscle recovery. One that could get you right back into battle with an iron fist, the new & complete Mutant Rehab Post Workout, and Joint Therapy Fruit Punch.


  • Maximizes muscle and joint repair
  • Increases anabolic hormone activities for muscle gain
  • Enhance intra-muscular  nutrient loading & protein synthesis 
  • It’s a complete post-workout formula.