Plant Protein Powder - Prana On Power Plant

The deliciously vegan and vegetarian-friendly protein blend contains only the very best organic/natural, raw, sprouted, and fermented proteins. It is an ideal on-the-go protein shake that is great for busy lifestyles, meal replacement, smoothie boosters, on-the-go meals, and post workouts. 

Features Of Plant Protein Powder - Prana On Power Plant:

  1. Vegan friendly.
  2. High sugar-free pea plant protein.
  3. Perfect pre/post-workout drink.
  4. Contains vital vitamins and minerals: A, D, E, and K
  5. Contains probiotics enzymes for easy digestion.


Mix one scoop with 300mls of water post-workout for building lean muscle; for vegetarians and vegans struggling to reach their protein intake, you may add an extra serving in between meals.

Fuel your day with this power plant-based protein.