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ProSupps Hydro BCAA Passionfruit 30 Serves At Elite Supps

HydroBCAA is formulated with 7g BCAA per scoop and also has added Glutamine and Citrulline to aid with muscle recovery. Electrolytes & Vitamin B6 for hydration Enhanced Muscle Pumps Ultra Fast Recovery A new must for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you are training for a specific sport, for an upcoming marathon, or to step on a bodybuilding stage, it is essential to take BCAAs to help prevent muscle breakdown due to the stress your body is under on a consistent basis. The combination of these key ingredients will allow you to recover quickly between workouts and prevent further breakdown as you move through your training regimen. In addition, ProSupps has added electrolytes to keep you hydrated while training. Directions for use: Mix 1 serve with 400mls water during workout or daily | ProSupps Hydro BCAA Passionfruit 30 Serves