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Pea Protein Isolate Powder (Vanilla) Pure Product Australia

Pea Protein Isolate Powder is a legume-derived protein supplement that contains no GMOs. It contains lysine and arginine content, and at least 85% protein, an ideal mix that is essential to muscle recovery, growth, and maintenance. 

It’s made from pure French Golden Peas which have naturally occurring amino acids such as lysine, phenylalanine,  threonine, valine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, tryptophan, and istidine. 

Other nonessential amino acids found in yellow pea protein include; alanine,  glutamine, serine, tyrosine, glycine, arginine, aspartic acid, cysteine, proline, and asparagine.

It’s the best vegan-friendly protein powder that offers an ideal alternative for those who can’t use dairy products.

Benefits Of Pea Protein Powder

  • Contains Pea Protein Isolate.
  • Perfect for Vegetarians.
  • Contains no GMOs.
  • Provide essential and nonessential amino acids.