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Rule 1 R1 Protein Lightly Salted Caramel 76 Serves At Elite Supps

Use R1 Protein to feed your muscles fast after a workout. With Isolate and Hydrolysed proteins, your muscles will thank you. Increased Lean Muscle Aids Recovery Improves Digestion Helps Protein Synthesis WHY DO I NEED R1 PROTEIN? In order to maximise your results, your muscles need an immediate source of amino acids. This is when your body is primed to absorb the greatest number of nutrients for recovery. If you’re eating a steak or chugging casein, you’re doing it wrong. When you want the fastest digesting protein that also happens to be of the highest quality, you need Rule 1 Protein. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE R1 FORMULA? R1 Protein from Rule 1 is a barebones formula that includes ONLY what your muscles need for maximum results. You’ll get protein… and that’s it. Sugar FREE Fat FREE Gluten FREE Gum FREE Creamer FREE Filler FREE Nitrogen Spiking FREE There are no secrets with this protein, just elite quality and your fitness success. Give your muscles 25 grams of the most elite isolate and hydrolysate blend on the market with R1 Protein from Rule 1. WHAT IS THE BEST PRODUCT TO MATCH WITH R1 PROTEIN? To create the ULTIMATE fat burning and muscle gaining duo, Pre Shred is recommended to take with R1 Protein. You can take it in the morning before you start your day or 15-20 minutes before training. A carefully formulated fat burner, Pre Shred kick starts your metabolism and takes fat burning to the next level. These two matched together, assist you in achieving that fat loss but also muscle gain! Directions for use: Take 1 serve with 300ml of water post workout or as desired | Rule 1 R1 Protein Lightly Salted Caramel 76 Serves