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Smart Diet Solutions Smart Protein Bar Raspberry White Chocolate Box of 12 At Elite Supps

Smart Protein Bar is the perfect protein snack for our Elite Supps fam! Keto friendly high protein bar Amazing taste and nougat like texture No artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives All natural Gluten Free Other protein bars are heated to set the shape but by doing this the nutritional information of those bars is based on the preheated ingredients, so you really don’t know what you are consuming as far as nutritional value goes. Thats why these bars are number one because not only do you know exactly what you're getting, but you'll love the taste even more. Smart Bars are: Soy Free Sugar Free Low in Fructose 100% Natural (only using quality protein isolates) Sugar alcohol FREE FREE of added thickeners FREE of added preservatives What is included in the Smart Bar recipe? Protein: Grass-fed whey and milk protein isolates only. Each serve contains around 20 grams of protein. Fibre: Uniquely sourced blend of prebiotic fibre, derived from corn without the usual chemical processes. Each serve contains around 18 grams of fibre. Carbs: Only those that occur naturally in the protein, nuts and dried fruits which are used in some of the flavours. Fats: The only fat in the bars come from the nuts and from the manufacturers own homemade, sugar-free chocolate which is used in some of the flavours. Sweetener: Stevia! This stevia is exclusive to Smart Diet Solutions, manufactured just for them. With help to redesign the manufacturing process as well as choosing the type and specific parts of the leaf to provide the purest natural sweetener possible, without the usual bitterness. What do we recommend having with the Smart Protein Bar? Emrald Labs Creatine HCL is amazing for enhancing strength and recovery, which increases overall muscle mass. | Smart Diet Solutions Smart Protein Bar Raspberry White Chocolate Box of 12