The Man Shakes

Chocolate Flavoured The Man Bar

It doesn’t just taste good, it is good!
The MAN Bar is the perfect SNACK to eliminate sweet cravings!

It contains dairy-based proteins, sesame, tree nuts, and soy traces to provide your body with all the essential energy-boosting minerals.

Benefits Of Chocolate Flavoured The Man Bar:

  • Nutrition for sustained energy.
  • Delicious flavours, endless variety.
  • Energy on the go.
  • Dairy-free protein bars 
  • Low sugar, low carb: 
  • Clean plant-based protein: 
  • Natural sweeteners.
  • Individually wrapped protein bars: 
  • Each box contains 10 bars. 

With under 140 calories* per bar, this is a great snack food to have in between your MAN Shakes. Lower in sugar.

Available in: Chocolate, Choc Mint, Choc Hazelnut, and Choc Peanut butter.