RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket for Adults & Teenagers

  • The Relaxblanket Weighted Blanket Latest Design.
  • Made Of 100% Breathable Cotton Fabric: Comfort And Cozy.
  • Weighted With Evenly Distributed Beads Ensuring Your Blanket Stays In Place.
  • Less Fiberfill Better Body Thus Guarantees Better Temperature Control.
  • Premium Glass Bead Technology That’s Non-toxic And Odorless - Perfect For Allergic People.
  • Ultra-modern Sewing Technology That Ensures It’s Long-lasting And Durable.
  • Machine-washable On A Gentle Slow Setting - Best To Dry Clean Or Spot Clean.
  • Can Be Used With A Relaxblanket Duvet Cover For More Natural Cleaning & Protection.

Benefits Of The Adult Weighted Blanket

Do weighted blankets work? According to doctors, they do! Weighted blankets are increasingly getting popular as they have been seen to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress and help people snooze more soundly.

Having one on your bed will offer a great sense of calmness to your nighttime routine. The glass beads or poly pellets pressure pressing against your body is quite relaxing. The feeling can be compared to a warm & soothing hug or massage.

Simple Guide To Choose The Perfect Weighted Blanket Size

Choose one that weighs 7%-12% of your body weight. For first time users, it usually takes 3-7 days to get used to a weighted blanket. 

Recommended Sizes:

  • 36''x48''/40''x60'' for single size bed, 
  • 48''x72''/48"×78" for twin size bed, 
  • 60''x80'' for queen/full size bed and 
  • 80 "×90" for king/queen size bed .

It can also be used as a mat for meditation, or in the living room when you want to cuddle up, watch TV, or read a book. RelaxBlanket Weighted Blanket ensures calmness, comfort, and coziness at any time, day or night!

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