Best Protein Powder For Women By Maxines's Night - Vanilla Dream 500 gms

Maxine's Night Best Womens Protein Features

  • The delicious treat after dinner which delivers benefits while you sleep!
  • Giving additional fat burning benefits through sophisticated complex mix
  • Slow release protein to recover and repair your body at night
  • Thermogenic protein powder in tasty vanilla flavour
  • Herbal calming mix for you to sleep better

Maxine Thermogenic Night Time Protein Powder

Wouldn’t you love the solution to both fat burning and a good night’s sleep? Maxine Thermogenic Night Time Protein Powder is formulated to help tone your body and burn fat while you sleep.

Waking up with refreshed energy and your recovery maximised, you will relish the tasty drink before bed, knowing you will benefit from its unique slow release protein blend.

Delivering a powerful mix of nutrition to meet the needs of your active body, you’ll wake up feeling great, knowing your body will give you the very best. Coming in a delicious vanilla flavour, this tasty mix comes in a 500g bottle.

EAN: 9317293901404