Australian Green Juice Health Food Brand

Curavita is an Australian health food brand, that will be launching in mid 2019.

Our first product will be Curavita Green Boost Superfood Powder, that combines 12 amazing superfoods that can be added to your favorite juice, sparkling water or still water.

green juice powder

With young family and as a male in my early 40’s I started juicing as a way to improve my general health and well being a couple of years ago. I quickly became passionate about juicing, and in particular the benefits of green juice. The problem I could see from talking to family and friends and others who juiced regularly was the time it took, the shopping, and the mess. Don’t get me wrong, fresh juicing is still the best, and I still juice all the time. However with everyone’s busy lives and and how fast paced life is these days, I started looking into creating a product that not only provided the health benefits of juicing, but also was quick, and efficient to consumer.

I started researching the Australia and USA markets for similar products, and there were many products already on the market. I wanted to make sure mt juice included all the best ingredients for a balanced juice drink.

Curavita was born.

With 12 delcious super foods and a great taste, you can simply stir two teaspoons into your glass of water or juice, and enjoy it, or chugg it down quickly.



The ingredients within out green juice super food can help flush toxins from your body.


Daily life can be incredibly stressful. Reduce stress and balance hormones to a normal range.


Simply stir a couple of tea spoons into a standard glass of water or your favourite juice, and it’ ready to drink.


Our green juice is jam packed with natures super foods, full of vitamins and minerals to help boost the immune system.


If you’ve ever experienced the fog of the daily grind, our green juice can help boost mental clarity, energy and brain power.


Sometimes we just wake up and feel lethargic and lack the energy we’d like to get through the day. Boost your energy with or green super food.



Wheatgrass is know to have natural health benefits. Studies have shown it may reduce cholesterol, kill cancer cells, aid blood sugar regulation and alleviate inflammation.


Powerful source of vitamin C, and supports lymphatic systems. Cools and alkalizes the body.


Known to assist in anti-oxidant defense, better sleep, red blood cell formation, cognitive function, fight infections and improve joints.


Supercharged with iron and beta-carotene, known for improving eye health, and spinach powder preserves a high fibre content.


Pre-biotic that increases good bacteria which produce acetic acid and lactic acid, which lowers the pH of the colon and prevents the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.


Contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties including curcuminoids. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory, boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor, known to improve mental health and delay ageing, and studies suggest it may help prevent cancer.

Matcha Green Tea

Studies suggest it boosts metabolism and burns calories. Naturally detoxifies. Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium.

Coconut Water

Low in calories, and free of fat. Loaded with potassium and super hydrating.


Contains little to know calories, and healthy alternative to sugar. Contains sterols and anti-oxidant compounds.


High in nutrients including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, copper and iron. Has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may reduce blood pressure.

Natural Vanilla

Has anti-bacterial properties, helps digestion, anxiety, and is surprisingly great for your hair. Also known to be a mental health booster and cholesterol stabilizer.

Black pepper

Greatly improves the absorption of curcuminoids in Tumeric. Can stimulate digestion, may enable weight loss, can improve skin and can reduce blood pressure.





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