SAN Nutrition Raw Fusion Plant Based Protein - Peanut Chocolate Fudge - 466g

Plant Protein Features

  • Deliver fast fuel and energy for muscle performance
  • Supports and repairs lean muscle
  • Minimises recovery times between workouts\
  • Assists in managing body leanness and weight
  • Drives vitality and curbs appetite
  • Over 12 months of development

SAN Nutrition Plant Protein

Rawfusion has developed a 100% Raw Plant Protein Fusion to provide unequaled improvements and benefits to your workout and recovery.

Complete 80% protein matrix, produced entirely from certified organic sources, it’s rich in Glutamine and BCAAs. Easily digestible due to the lactose free ingredients, Plant Based Protein Fusion comes with a low Glycemic Index formula and is cholesterol free.

Outperforms whey with its amino acid profile, this delicious protein fusion is precisely what is needed to aid in those challenging workouts as well as rapidly improve recovery times.

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